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Frauenkirche Church

Frauenkirche is located at the east of the Marienplatz. It is the attraction that appears on nearly every one of Munich's postcards: Church of Our Lady Frauenkirche or just the Frauenkirche. The basis stone was put down by Duke Sigismund in 1468. The edifice measure is 40 meters wide and 109 meters high. Its characteristic domes that were constructed in 1525 would function as an example for a lot of Bavaria's towers.

The cathedral is enormous but uncomplicated. A lot of the unique gothic center has been demolished or takem away partially by opposite reformists. In the basement, you will discover the crypts of the Wittelsbach family, where a lot of bishops and dukes are buried. One of the greatest fascinating things in the interior of the cathedral is the commemorative grave in dark marble of Prince Elector Kurfürst Maximilian I. In addition, inside the cathedral is the “trail of the devil”.
In accordance with the myth, the designer of the Frauenkirche, Jörg von Halsbach, sweated the evil spirit you could not observe a window from the interior of the cathedral. In response, the devil would assist him in constructing the Frauenkirche. Subsequent to the finish of the building, the designer guided the devil to the center of the cathedral from where you could not observe any window, even though all churchgoers would be seated in a spot where much light came all the way through the windows. The evil spirit would have marked his foot with a lot of anger that his footstep was perceptible in the marble floor.

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