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Regensburg: A Medieval Metropolis

Regensburg is a city located in the south of Bavaria, Germany. The city is recognized not only by its medieval architecture but also by being Germany’s best preserve city. Here, you will find houses and buildings that date from 13th to 15th centuries, all of them carefully preserved.  This, of course, has a reason to be: preservation is a main concern among citizens and governmental authorities. Many laws had been established since the 1970’s to keep an eye on all the restoration and renovation processes. The results of such a policy are noticeable in the streets, boulevards, buildings and houses.

The cityscape cannot be more amazing. You will have the chance to cross the Steinerne Brücke, which is a stone bridge that had been carried tourists as well as traders across the Danube since 1100. Something really special about this place is that, since it was not attacked or bombarded during World War II, its patrician mansions, churches, roman walls, towers or other historic structures are original buildings no replicas. In this small city of 140,000 inhabitants, you will feel as at home. Festivals, fairs and parties are part of the attractions this city offers, for instance, the annual Jazz weekend, Regensburg Cultural Sommer, and Ancient Music Days.

However and in spite of the focus on preservation, Regensburg is more than just a medieval city. The city is commonly called “Medieval Metropolis” due to the fact that it has genuine interest in modern culture and is aware of promoting local economy. Another aspect you would probably like to know is that Regensburg is also called “the most northern town of Italy” because of its Mediterranean atmosphere. Once there, do not hesitate to visit Dom St. Peter, Regensburg’s cathedral that has a museum with liturgical devices and instruments, the Roman city gate Porta Praetorian and the rococo chapel St. Jakob. You will surely have a great time in Regensburg!

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