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Leipzig: House of Art, History and Culture

Leipzig, also known as the City of Heroes, is located in Saxony, Germany. Its name derives from the word “lipsk” which means settlement where lime trees stand”. With a population of 502,000 inhabitants and an area of 297.60 km², what can make this place so special? Well, first of all, the first attempts to end the communist dictatorship which finally end with the collapse of the Berlin Wall were born here. A really stunning architectural style can be appreciated in the city, where baroque, modernist and stalinist buildings receive guests in one of the cafeterias, shops, clubs or restaurants the city offers.

Some of the places you should not miss are the Gewandhaus Orchestra, Oper Leipzig, Leipzig Zoo or the Leipzig Trade Fair. Do not worry about accommodation: there are many hotels you can stay in, so finding an affordable room will not be difficult. If you have the chance, you should stay near or in the Zentrum and appreciate the beauty of its Saxon architecture. Depending on the hotel you chose, you may pay from $84 to $141 night double occupancy, including breakfast and other facilities. During the day, you can sightsee to appreciate the beauty of the city’s Renaissance architecture, or enjoy the exquisite traditional German cuisine in one of the restaurants: Bayerischer Platz, Coffe Baum, Kleine Fleischergasse, among others.

If what you enjoy the most is nightlife, then Leipzig is your place. Home of famous compositors such as Wagner and Bach, music is played every single night almost everywhere. In the Leipzig Opera House, you will have the opportunity to take pleasure in one of the Leipzig Ballet’s performance or the Gewandhaus Orchestra’s presentation. If you prefer a more informal atmosphere, you can visit one of the city’s clubs. Contact now with your travel agency and get ready to visit the historic Leipzig.

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