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Egyptian Museum Showing Spectacular Collections of Antique Art of Egypt

The Egyptian Museum or Ägyptisches Museum has one of the globe's vital collections of Ancient Egyptian fine art. Throughout its works of art in particular of the era of King from Tell el Amarna the museum has achieved planet renown and niveau. Well-known works for example the ruined of Queen Nefertiti, the portrayal of Queen Tiy and the renowned "Berlin Green Head" is in the right place to the compilation.

The Paypyrus Collection and Egyptian Museum closed its access at its site in Charlottenburg and come back to Berlin-Mitte in the Museum Island, where it renew its access in the Altes Museum in the 13 August 2005.

The extraordinary collected works of the Egyptian Museum consist of masterworks of many different epochs of antique Egypt: statues pieces in addition to enormous pieces of Egyptian structural design document from different time eras of antique Egypt starting on 4000 BC until the Roman Period. As well as the statue of Queen Nefertiti, whose unusual color is conserved with no renovation process since the Amarna time, other parts for example the sculptured portrayals of the imperial family and members of the majestic courtyard are also exclusive. The most important work of the old period of the 500 BC is called Berlin "Green Head" named because of its greenish rock.

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