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Bamberg: World Heritage!

Bamberg, a city located to the north of Bavaria, has been named by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. This city was previously an Imperial one, and it still preserves much of its ancient buildings, stunning convents and monasteries. The Cathedral of the city, for instance, dates back to the 11th century. Some of the beauties you can find in the city are the ancient City Town Hall and Little Venice. The former was built in the middle of the Regnitz River; it has a baroque façade and the only way to get there is by two stone bridges. The later includes a series of half-timbered houses located all along the Regnitz River. Undoubtedly, it is a dreamy and magical place.

Bamberg is a perfect example of what typical lifestyle and culture means. It has many buildings and sites charged of historical significance. You will not experience the peacefulness and enjoyment you will have in Bamberg and its surroundings. In the outskirts of Bamberg, for example, there is a castle called “Seehof” which design recalls the Renaissance. Visit Seehof and enjoy the beautiful elaborated park next to it. Culture and history come together in the perfect scenery: one of the Europe’ biggest old town center.

Its alleyways, baroque facades, and medieval ambiance you find in Bamberg will not let you forget why it is considered world heritage. Thousands of people are charmed by the magnificence of this place, the friendliness of its people and the majesty of its structures. Be part of those travelers who did not let the chance pass by and walk through the narrow alleyways in a place that has everything to be remembered. Take advantage of the individual and guided tours to find out the treasures the city has to offer. Just take your time and enjoy it!

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