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Brandenburger Tor the Last Sight of the Berlin Wall

Brandenburger Tor is in the border among West and East Berlin at the Praiser Platz. It was the figure of the metropolis's divide. It began when the wall falls down, the figure of a New Berlin. The deserted square that Praiser Platz on one occasion was is at the present totally redesigned and has recuperated most of its nineteenth century magnificence.

The Brandenburger Tor was planned by Carl Gotthard. It was developed among 1778 and 1791. The streamers, plus the bas sights depicting Greek legends took an additional four years to finish it. The Quadriga of Triumph on the top of the gate was constructed in 1793 by Johann Gottfried Schadow. In the beginning it was a sign of peace. Throughout Berlin's profession by France, in 1806 Napoleon planned the Quadriga to be transported to Paris. Subsequent to the Battle of Waterloo, the Quadriga was victoriously transported back to Berlin, and it was changed to a representation of victory.

Brandenburger Tor is located at the last part of Unter den Linden. The sixty meters tall gateway was fraction of a barrier surrounding the metropolis and was the most important entry to the metropolis. It is the single entrance that residue of this previous metropolis barricade.

After the developement of the Berlin Wall in 1961 that was constructed near to the Praiser Platz, the Brandenburger Tor, on the East side of Berlin, became totally deserted. The entrance represented Germany's separation. With the collapse of the fence in 1989, people congregated to the renew Brandenburger Gate to commemorate.

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