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Heidelberg Showing the Character of the Nations

Heidelberg is in the river side of the Neckar River and among beautiful hills, where the Neckar valley combines with the Rhine valley. Its renowned University of Heidelberg, with more than 600, has numerous Renaissance turrets and towers at the beginning of a mount close to Heidelberg Castle.

The most excellent manner to take pleasure in the city is to leisurely walk by the side of the Hauptstraße in the older section to combine with the regional crowds and to sit down at one of the numerous street beer or cafes halls. Also trip into the Heidelberg Castle that adjusts colors with the diverse positions of the Sun. Observe the town from the Karl-Theodor Bridge that local people call the "Alte Brücke" or Old Bridge. The close by Philosophenweg provides an enormous overlook of the town; it is absolutely important walking by this steep alleyway. For Roman work of art and more travel around the Kurpfälzisches Museum.

If any metropolis in Germany summarizes the character of the nation, it is Heidelberg that is in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg at 80 miles south of Frankfurt. Scores of composers and poets, almost the whole nineteenth century German Romantic society have vocal Heidelberg's honors. Mark and Goethe Twain both get in love here: the American writer with the town itself and the German author with a gorgeous youthful woman.

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