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Cologne A Superlative Destination in the Gastronomic Area of Germany

Cologne or Köln is an enormous city. Actively, full of numerous taverns, nightlife, and restaurants, but also older, with lots of monuments, sights, and history. Carnival festivals in Cologne are renowned, and that is an excellent time to vacation in the city.

From Cologne you can get cruiser trips through Rhine up to Strasbourg in France. The most beautiful fraction of the way lies among Rudesheim and St. Goar, with a lots of hills, vineyards and castles. There is an agreeable train trip from Cologne to Frankfurt throughout the Rhine Valley, Lorelei and other attractive locations.

The metropolis of Cologne provides more than history: there are some possibilities as galas in the contemporary Opera House, street music on the Hohe Strasse, the street painting on the cathedral hall, the old masters in the Wallraf Richartz Museum, the Annual Music Festival along the internal ring street, the festival in the whole city (in Cologne all this mixed up into a synthesized lively masterpiece) in a international city boasting almost a million citizens which, regardless of its dimensions, has never lost its friendly personality.

Cologne is one of nation’s most important gastronomic paradises with respected breweries providing exclusive Kölsch beer and characteristic Cologne gracefulness to supreme restaurants. No other metropolis in the Federal Republic possesses so many open houses, and also many first-class restaurants.


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