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Frankfurt the Nation’s Economic Capital

Different to the German towns that cultivated much of their appearance after World War II, Frankfurt raised skyscrapers acquiring the name of Manhattan. Regardless of being the fifth biggest in size among German towns, with more than 650,000 citizens, Frankfurt is the nation’s economic capital.

The town's profit-making thump dates back to the establishment of it as a main business center in the early thirteen century. Its first global Autumn Fair was created in 1240. Nowadays, these and others fairs display the most recent advancements in technology, consumer goods, cars and books. The town’s supply exchange, one of the principal in the planet, was created in 1595.

It has more than 1,200 years of history, which began as a capital on the Charlemagne’s empire. It was a city for the Holy Roman rulers where they were chosen and crowned. It also was the location for the Gutenberg's print shop, the place of birth of Goethe, which was the greatest poet of Germany, and where the first German Parliament got together.

The current Frankfurt has first-class art exhibitions, theater, opera, and ballet; a significant piece of the nation's publishing manufacturing; a wide university renowned for such contemporary thinkers as Jürgen Habermas and Theodor Adorno. There might not be a lot to remember of the Old World, but there is a huge deal that shows you the triumphal story of postwar Germany.

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