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Rodenwaldt: Professionalism at all Times

The company has more than 20 years of existence; the experience planning activities gained on these years has proven to be valuable, enabling them to develop successful relationships with groups of travelers and companies. You can reach the locations in bikes, horses and carriages. Rodenwaldt is the only company that is able to transport passengers in their own bus capacity in Northern Germany. The tour guides of Rodenwaldt are well trained and count on many years of expertise in canoeing, among other activities. Rodenwaldt uses trailors (made by the Techau Company of Bremen) for cycle and canoe transportation, canoes (manufactured by Gatz in Cologne), Dragonboats (produced in Holland), Polynesian outriggers (boat-type), various coach sizes of their own licensed bus company, carriages, bicycles, and a workshop. Your safety comes first, for over 20 years, accidents have never occurred in Rodenwaldt, the tour guides are always going to ready to assist you and instruct you in all the activities of the tours.

The services of the company are offered mostly in the summer months, hardly in the winter. Rodenwaldt provides a unique combination of adventure, sports, games and fun, always supervised by their team and operating in a shed, gym, outdoors, on water or in dry-ground. Some programs that the company has are culture & canoe, a day spent tracing down the life of rafts and coachmen, a biking circuit in the “Schweinebruch”, impressions by boat of the stream “Lachte” and Viking games. One thing is for sure: the choices are endless.

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