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Knickerbocker’s Bier Tours: Learn to Share a Beer!

For many people, Germany means bier (beer) and the Oktoberfest in Munich and Bavaria. The country is full of breweries; approximately 1,200 are brewing regional favorites. Knickerbocker’s Bier Tours gives you the chance to taste new biers (beers), meet new people from incredible towns in pub surroundings. At the end of the day, you will learn more about the culture of Germany and have an experience that you will never forget; remember that bier (beer) tastes better in the company of friends.

A tour with Knickerbocker’s Bier Tours is something that stands out by itself right from the start. You have the chance to take a walking tour after your arrival to Düsseldorf Airport and to the hotel. The tour will take you to Dinslaken, a 750 year old town on the Rhine.

The tours of Knickerbocker’s Bier Tours usually includes visits to 4 German Breweries, a Dutch Pub with 130 biers (beers), bier (beer) seminars, the Bierboerse with 900 biers (beers) or a Bavarian Bierfest. Pretty much everyone knows that drinking bier (beer) while eating good food is a plus. The company knows this and that is why it offers certain items on its bier (beer) tours; some of these are: Bauernbratwurst, Krustenbraten, Kesselgoulasch, Zwiebelkuchen, Linseneintopf and Kassler, among others. Assorted salads with cheese, ham, tomatoes, onions, cottage cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella, olives and chicken strips are also available.

Knickerbocker’s Bier Tours also takes you to important breweries and pubs in Germany. What are you waiting for?

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