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BVB: See Berlin Like Never Before

Berlin companies such as “Omnibusbetriebe Kastner, Rietdorf”, “Dar Berliner” and the “Bayrische Reisebüro Berlin” took over an old coach firm called “Weinrich”. Then, the foundation of BVB took place. The first day of work of the Bus-Verkehr-Berlin KG (BVB) was on January 2, 1969 in Britz. Since 1985, BVB maintains a regular service between Berlin and Bavaria.

The company wants to plan trips competently and use the technical advances of these days in order to develop simple and honest relationships with all of its clients. BVB sees a challenge in every new project, but the company knows that its experience and proficiently designed procedures will prevail.

Every year, more than 200 employees, 80 motor-coaches with a capacity of 4,500 seats and 27 public service busses of BVB travel more than 6.5 million kilometers. The infrastructure of the company facilitates the fuel, maintenance, cleaning and service of coaches.

Without a doubt, Berlin is an exciting city that changes constantly. The history, variety, life and peace of this place make it a favorite destination among all the travelers. The sightseeing tours of BVB offer you the chance to know all of what this city has to offer. The company has a sales division that is in charge of offering individual tours that depend of your demands; as usual, the Bus-Verkehr-Berlin KG is willing to fulfill your travel expectations.

The tours of BVB are filled of exciting and relaxing adventures, whether you go to Berlin, Spain, Slovakia, Sicily or Scandinavia.

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