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"Private Registration" by Network Solutions protects identity of Spyware developers.

Leipzig, Germany (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) July 21, 2005 -- The spyware lab at has revealed that (AdWare.Ezula), an Adware developer, is distributing harmful spyware software. In the case of Ezula, investigation was difficult since Network Solutions ? the world's largest domain name registry ? is offering a "private registration" service that protects the identity of a domain owner. An inquiry with the Department of Corporations also revealed that the company, allegedly based in California according to Ezula, is not registered under Ezula Inc. or Kabanga Corp. in California.

The spyware offered on's Web site slows down the PC as well as the Internet connection. Ezula spyware installs two files: hwclock searches the Windows Registry for passwords that are stored by Internet Explorer, and wmiapi ensures that a user doesn't notice anything. The regedit and taskmgr processes, in addition to various new registry entries, are terminated and make it impossible to change those entries. At the same time, Ezula is offering software to repair the damage that has been done: DASH Bug Free is supposed to erase undesired registry entries, DASH PC Cleaner is supposed to eliminate the computer's history and DASH Connect is supposed to accelerate the Internet connection.

"The distribution of harmful software is only made easier by the use of private domain registrations," says Ren?olzer, CEO of Nutzwerk, the inventor of "A real time data filter protects our users from spyware like Ezula. For the unprotected user, however, Ezula presents a considerable risk."

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