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New technology from Choco-Logo to elevate quality

Choco-Logo has developed a new technology for producing custom chocolates. The products include the tiniest details and sharpest edges. Furthermore, the technology allows to do so with no setup fees and no extra costs to the customer.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2005 ? Choco-Logo has developed a new technology for producing custom chocolates Without the restrictions of the usual chocolate molds. The products include the tiniest details and sharpest edges. Moreover, the new technology enables Choco-Logo to do this at no extra cost to the customer - no setup or mold fees.

Choco-Logo gives every company the opportunity to literally show their sweet side: With a love for detail, this company crafts logos out of the finest Belgian chocolate. Custom chocolates can be produced now with writing and graphics of perfect quality and with the highest resolution.

For years now chocolate makers have been pouring chocolate into molds and producing three-dimensional figures and custom chocolates.
The design of the figures is determined by the limitations of the molds and the methods of design. There is a known phenomenon when using molds with delicate elements such as writing or various tiny details. When pouring the chocolate into the molds, the chocolate does not penetrate all areas because of its viscosity. This causes air bubbles in the finished product. A common method to reduce this phenomenon is to shake the mold in the process of pouring the chocolate into it. This process is not really effective and will not remove the air bubbles which appear in small texts and graphics such as the dot above the letter i.

That is why most custom chocolate products do not include delicate details. Another way to avoid air bubbles is to avoid corners in the mold. If one looks at the surface of the beautiful pralines one will notice that the surfaces are always rounded and depressions in the mold are shallow with slanted edges, never at a 90? angle and never with sharp edges.

One last important point:
The preparation of molds is costly. It can cost up to several thousand dollars to produce one mold, therefore production of custom chocolates was cost effective only in large quantities.

All of these problems are solved with Choco-Logo?s new technology. Now anyone can order even small quantities of custom designed chocolates.

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