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10,000 Sales within Three Months

With the release of the useful and popular tool PowerShrink 2.0 in August 2005, TopByteLabs sells 10,000 licences. PowerShrink optimizes PowerPoint presentations while compressing them up to 95 percent. The shrinked presentations stay fully functional, without changing the contents and file format of the PowerPoint file.

Frankfurt, Germany (PR Web) November 15, 2005. After releasing PowerShrink 2.0, TopByteLabs expands its position in providing tools and software that makes business life much more easy and comfortable.

PowerPoint presentations today tend to have more and more pictures in them, making them very difficult to send via E-mail due to company E-mail server policies on attachment sizes, as well as making them more difficult to store on already full data servers.

Seeking different and cost-effective ways to send large Microsoft PowerPoint presentations via E-mail, companies are transitioning from sending presentations on CD/DVD media parcel post, to shrinking them with PowerShrink.

“We knew our new features would improve PowerShrink's usability, and we're very happy about this rise in sales. It shows that we're on the right track. Our next update is already in development," says Michael Weber, CEO of TopByteLabs.

With compression rates of up to 95 percent PowerShrink 2.0 does not only allow users to send critical business presentations, despite their large size, it also gives them the opportunity to save a lot of Megabytes, and in some cases even Gigabytes on their servers. With a multiple-file shrinking option and an improved compression algorithm PowerShrink sets standards in shrinking PowerPoint files.

PowerShrink is available as an install-version and as a single-.exe-file.

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