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Islamic Finance Workshop in Frankfurt

After the first commercial conference in Frankfurt on 16th November, the workshop on Islamic Finance comes timely to give further insight into the principles and objectives of this niche market growing on rapid pace with new banks set up almost monthly.

(PRWEB) November 24, 2005 -- After the first commercial conference in Frankfurt on 16th November on Islamic Banking and the "Islamic Finance - A European Challenge" summit preceding it on 8/9th November in Luxemoburg, organised by the Islamic Financial Services Board and hosted by the Central Bank it is clear that the industry arrived in continental Europe.

Islamic Finance is growing according to market estimations at 15 % annually; "almost every month we see new banks set up, new products coming out and more and more people demanding Islamic compliant products" says Michael Saleh Gassner, specialised consultant based in Germany and editor of the leading free newsletter of the industry. "Many high net worth individuals turning their assets to be Islamically managed, either after their retirement or after receiving the funds from their parents", Mr Gassner explains. The new market segment for Fixed Income is another area which is prospected to multiply in the next years to cater the demand of Islamic banks and their clients likewise.

Bankers, fund managers, analysts, journalists and financial professionals will benefit from entering the sector which is based on unique principles and objectives similar to the social and sustainablity finanical sector. The key issues derived from Islam are explained in the "Introductory Workshop Islamic Finance" on 8th December hold in the Chamber of Commerce conference centre in Frankfurt, Germany.

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