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ipoque Releases Skype(TM) Filter and Extends Product Line

ipoque releases new VoIP filter module for its line of PRX traffic managers which support detecting and blocking of Voice over IP traffic including SkypeTM. The new entry-level Gigabit Ethernet appliance PRX-250 is added to the PRX line. Prices for all Fast Ethernet models have been reduced.

Leipzig, Germany (PRWEB) January 16, 2006 -- The new Traffic Manager PRX-250 closes the gap between ipoque's enterprise and entry-level models. It features three Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and—similar to the Fast Ethernet models—passive cooling for maximum reliability. It achieves a packet rate of 60,000 packets/s and a throughput of 250 Mbit/s. Packet latency is below one millisecond.

The PRX traffic managers classify network traffic based on application layer signatures (currently peer-to-peer-based file sharing, Voice over IP, instant messenger). Classified traffic can be logged, shaped or blocked. The traffic manager operates as a transparent bridge for easy integration into existing network infrastructures without configuration changes necessary. Administration is done via a simple and self-explanatory Web interface making expensive staff training dispensable.

With the introduction of the PRX-250, ipoque reduces the prices for all Fast Ethernet models.

Skype(TM) Detection with the VoIP Module
Modular extensions for various application classes can be installed optionally. ipoque releases the new Voice over IP module for detecting and blocking of Skype(TM) and SIP connections.

The high proliferation of Skype(TM) clients, their strong encryption for Internet voice calls and their ability to circumvent firewall systems cause various problems. Among them are a significantly increased traffic volume, potential interference with other applications and the violation of national legislation for traffic monitoring and interception. Furthermore, Skype(TM) clients in company networks pose a security threat. This makes the VoIP module an interesting option for company network operators, Internet service providers and national carriers.

Also available for the PRX traffic managers are modules for filtering, shaping and blocking of peer-to-peer-based file sharing and for blocking of instant messengers. File sharing causes significantly more than 50% of the Internet traffic, and most files contain copyright-protected material. The usage of instant messengers cause problems mostly in company networks. They pose severe security risks and degrade staff productivity.

About ipoque
ipoque specializes in solutions for Internet traffic management and analysis. Its line of off-the-shelf products comprises traffic managers for filtering, shaping and blocking of P2P file sharing, instant messengers and VoIP including Skype(TM). ipoque also offers customer-specific solutions for an integrated enterprise and carrier traffic management.

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