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Ulrike Gerbig Publishes "Looking glass" Trilogy on

This sensual and open poetry trilogy gives insight into the hear, the mind and the life of a modern poet.

Frankfurt/Main, Germany (PRWEB) February 6, 2006 -- A mirror is enticing, especially if it is human and in it we believe to see our true self.

What does a woman see when she looks into such a human mirror? What happens when she breaks through the seemingly impenetrable surface? What happens when she finally falls down the rabbit hole? How does she express her experiences and her thoughts and feelings in modern and concise poetry?

Ulrike Gerbig is a poet who lives and works in Germany and has been writing poetry in English for many years now.
Her two first collections of poetry, "Every Woman's Blues" (2004) and "Love in all the right places" (2005) were published by Lapwing Publications, Belfast.

The "Looking glass" trilogy is her first self-published literary project.
In its three volumes:
1. Behind the looking glass
2. Through the looking glass
3. Down the rabbit hole
Ulrike shows different aspects of modern love in the concise and honest manner of the American Beats.

Her work can also be read in several magazines, E-zines and on websites like “Hearts with Soul", "ICP" “London Art”, “The Poetry Kit Magazine”, “Photoaspects”, “Electric Acorn”, “Unlikely Stories”, “Zygote in my Coffee”, “Pedestal Magazine”, “Dublin Quarterly” , "Voices", "LitVision" and “Out of Order”, “Open Wide”, “Mouseion” “Aestethica” and Anthologies, like “Voices of Israel, 2004/2005” and “In our own words-a generation defines itself”.

She was featured poet of the week on Poetry Superhighway in January, 2005 and in January 2006, featured poet (with interview) in the April (2005) issue of “Voices” and featured poet in the May (2005) issue of “Poetic Diversity”.

On her work is described as follows:
"A modern German woman writing in English and without any apparent German influences or allusion, stripped down and approaching the manner of the American Beat Poets."

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