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Dave Bonney Back in the Charts

Increased sales and a the tide of fashion are rocketing Dave Bonney into the limelight. His four albums have something for everyone, All Mixed Up is his latest work and All Around Sandy is the digitally remastered version of Waiting in the Dark too long. Digital distribution through has reawakened interest in Dave's eclectic style.

Regensburg, Bavaria (PRWEB) March 3, 2006 -- Little did he know in 2005 when he sent 5 CD's to that the world would be downloading his work every minute of every day. Dave Bonney, singer and songwriter, looks back on over three decades of entertainment with a laughing and weeping eye. As he started touring Europe in the 1980's he was renowned for his own style and his memorable voice but only managed to reach those within the audience at hand. With digital distribution courtesy of the audience has suddenly grown out of proportion. People are downloading all tracks of the four CD's on offer and they are all over the world.

“I never thought I could reach so many people at once” said Dave, and continued “my music is being picked up by all and sundry, the feedback is tremendous”

All Around Sandy is a 1982 digitally remastered production. Once again it shows the songwriting ability of Dave Bonney. You are taken through many moods and styles; not only are these hard and powerful songs but also has one of the most incredibly beautiful and enchanting songs on it called "Sandy", a true story.

“I wrote this song to save a young girl's life who was on the one way street to addiction, if you listen to the lyrics you will understand. I met her in Frankfurt, Germany, and basically had to help her change her direction. I asked her 'if I write a song for you would you stop?', she did not believe me but she said yes. So determined to make it I tried and tried, and Sandy was born; not only the song but the girl herself. Like magic, after hearing it she stopped doing drugs and was reborn.”

If only more people could hear this, the world might be a better place.

Dave Bonney was born in Brooklyn Heights, New York in 1951 and has made a living as an artist, singer/songwriter all his life. His line drawings are hosted by and can be seen at in the Art section. Dave is still performing live and has recently written the music and starred in the movie ""Die Reise nach Reichenau", he also writes music and lyrics for any young German band who request it and produces CD's on the independent label Cerious Records. He is also the creative director of AMU Media.

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