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Materials Markets Research File Satisfies Many Organisations'

The Materials Market Research File (MMRF) is a publication clearinghouse allowing professionals to compare market research in various areas of engineering and base materials.

Duesseldorf, Germany (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 15, 2006 -- The Materials Market Research File is one of a small number of reports clearinghouses that focus on a specific industry sector. Unlike clearinghouses covering a range of markets, the MMRF's mission is to provide information about materials market research only. Coverage of materials market research in the MMRF is characterized by the following four distinguishing features:

Sector Depth
Publisher coverage by the majority of reports clearinghouses is limited to certain market research firms, largely excluding resources such as trade associations, conference organizers and other publishers of market research. Product coverage is focused on one-time, off-the-shelf market studies while other products are neglected or not considered at all.

The Materials Market Research File (MMRF) provides sector depth covering a far more diversified field of research types. Database listings can be sorted according to 10 common research types in total: Special Reports, Periodic Reports & Subscription Services, Directories & Databases, Conference Proceedings, Handbooks, Concise Industry Profiles, Statistical Reports, Events Diaries, Online News Alerts and Portals & Resource Links.

Users also will find a feature providing access to the latest editorial calendar, media information and current issue of the top trade magazines in each category.

The value of market studies decreases with time. For this reason, the MMRF provides market information for a period of 10 months only, backdating from the current month. New titles enter the file as soon as they are released, and products older than 10 months are automatically dropped. The file is continuously updated and also includes forthcoming titles. Users can easily track new arrivals via an Alert List, which is available for each of the main subject areas. Each list contains between 20 and 30 titles at any one time.

Unlike other reports clearinghouses, The Materials Market Research File does not sell or stock the titles listed.

Market research product information frequently changes with publishers having to adjust their editorial calendars, prices and content. The MMRF aims to take such circumstances into account by permanently tracking publisher offers and announcements and guiding customers directly to the most recent product updates. All database entries and featured listings, therefore, link to the product profile on each publisher's website for direct ordering or further information. Links form the backbone of the database and are constantly checked, both manually and by a state-of-the-art, automated program.

The MMRF does not frame or otherwise modify the original profile. Customers receive first-hand, timely publisher information and can directly place their orders on the publisher's system.

Focusing on Competing Research
Considerable price differences exist for market studies of similar content, and the leading research publishers fiercely compete for clients. The MMRF seeks to provide clients with multiple options on their topics of interest whenever such options are available. For convenient tracing of competing research, titles are sorted giving priority to content affinity over publishing date.

In many cases, users will be able to instantly view at least two competing products. Content-related products are selected and grouped together based on expert knowledge, not automated sorting algorithms.

The Materials Market Research File currently provides access to approximately 3,000 titles at any one time, covering forthcoming titles and titles no older than 10 months. It covers research in six materials subject areas: Advanced Materials & Processing, Electronics Markets & Materials, Metals, Minerals & Inorganics, Coatings Materials & Surface Treatment, Plastics & Polymers, and Building Materials. The MMRF plans to add Wood & Paper as a seventh major subject area later this year. Customers by then will have access to a continuously updated selection of 3,500 current titles. A Japanese Version is under construction.

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