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Schleswig (Schleswig-Holstein)

Germany is located in Central Europe and it shares borders with Denmark in the North, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the West, Austria and Switzerland in the South and Poland and the Czech Republic in the East. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea represent additional National Borders in the North. The official language of Germany is German and Berlin is the capital. The climate is quite pleasant with almost all variety of seasonal flavors as temperate, marine, cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers, occasional warm, tropical foehn wind and high relative humidity.
Germany is divided into 16 states which are further subdivided into 439 districts and cities. Germany is one of the largest European economy and the third largest economy in the world in real terms, placed behind the United States and Japan, and fifth behind the United States, China, India and Japan counted by purchasing power parity.
Schleswig or South Jutland is a region covering the area about 60 kilometers north and 70 kilometers south of the border amid Germany and Denmark. The region is also known archaically in English as. The area's traditional significance rests in the transfer of goods between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, connecting the trade route through Russia with the trade routes along Rhine and the Atlantic coast.
During the early Viking Age, Hedeby, Scandinavia's biggest trading centre was situated in this region which is also the position of the Danevirke. The Coat of Arms of Schleswig Danish portrays two blue lions in a golden shield. It is the heraldic symbol of the former Duchy of Schleswig. This coat of arms of Schleswig-Holstein is a blend of the historic insignia of Holstein and a slightly modified version of the Schleswig arms.

Schleswig is definitely one of the popular tourist attractions in Germany. It is worth paying a visit while touring the country. This place leaves a pleasing and unforgettable memory and justifies the proud cultural tradition of Germany.

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