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Dillenburg (Hesse)

Germany is located in Central Europe and it shares borders with Denmark in the North, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the West, Austria and Switzerland in the South and Poland and the Czech Republic in the East. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea represent additional National Borders in the North. The official language of Germany is German and Berlin is the capital. The climate is quite pleasant with almost all variety of seasonal flavors as temperate, marine, cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers, occasional warm, tropical foehn wind and high relative humidity.

Dillenburg is a town in Hesse's Gieben region in Germany. The town was previously the seat of the old Dillkreis district, which is now part of the Lahn-Dill-Kreis. The town lies on the German-Dutch holiday road called the Oranier-Route, combining towns, cities and regions linked with the House of Orange. It lies on the eastern edge of the Westerwald range in the slim valley of the river Dill.

The city has many monumental museums, buildings, parks, hiking trails and many other regular events. Its population in 2004 was 24,533, area is 83.88 square kilometers, population density is 292 per square kilometers and elevation is 233 meters.
Dillenburg is divided into the centers of Donsbach, Eibach, Frohnhausen, Manderbach, Nanzenbach, Niederscheld and Oberscheld. Dillenburg had its first documentary mention in the year 1254 and was the ancestral seat of the Orange branch of the House of Nassau. Dillenburg Castle was build on top of the peak currently called the Schlossberg in the late 13th or early 14th century.

Dillenburg is definitely one of the popular tourist attractions in Germany. It is worth paying a visit while touring the country. This place leaves a pleasing and unforgettable memory and justifies the proud cultural tradition of Germany.

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