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Alfeld (Lower Saxony)

Germany or the Federal Republic of Germany is located in Central Europe with Berlin as its capital city. The German language was once the lingua franca of central, eastern and northern Europe. It is a member state of the United Nations, NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the G8, Group of 8, and the G4, Group of 4, nations, and is a founding member of the European Union. It is the European Union's most populous and most economically powerful member state. Germany is one of the largest European economies and the third largest economy in the world in real terms.
Alfeld is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is located on the Leine River in the district of Hildesheim. There are about 23,000 inhabitants residing there. The town was founded in 1214. The Cultural sights in Alfeld include the town hall built in 1586 with its octagonal tower, the church of Saint Nicolai and the Fillerturm, a medieval watchtower. More famous are the Seven Mountains or in German: Sieben Berge, in the north and the Lippoldshöhle or Lippold's cave, where a legendary robber-knight is said to have lived.
The assertion, that in Alfeld the popular fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was born, is false. Even though, the miners who mined ore in the Seven Mountains believed in the existence of dwarfs, it is more likely that the cradle of the fairy tale is to be searched in France. The version the brothers Grimm heard and wrote down, as they travelled through the Seven Mountains, on the so called Maerchenstrasse or Street of Fairytales is just one of many. Alfeld was also the strategically important city fought for repeatedly by both NATO and Soviet forces in Tom Clancy's novel Red Storm Rising plot.
Tourism in Germany has expanded since the end of World War II, and many tourists visit Germany to experience a sense of European history. The countryside exhibits a pastoral aura, while its cities exhibit both a modern and classical feel.

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