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Germany is located in Central Europe and it shares borders with Denmark in the North, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the West, Austria and Switzerland in the South and Poland and the Czech Republic in the East. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea represent additional National Borders in the North. The official language of Germany is German and Berlin is the capital. The climate is quite pleasant with almost all variety of seasonal flavors as temperate, marine, cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers, occasional warm, tropical foehn wind and high relative humidity. Germany is one of the largest European economy and the third largest economy in the world in real terms, placed behind the United States and Japan, and fifth behind the United States, China, India and Japan counted by purchasing power parity.
Munich city was founded in 1158 by the Guelph Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria and is next to a settlement of Benedictine monks, who called it Munchen. Munchen is the capital of the German Federal State of Bavaria. It is Germany's third largest city and one of Europe's most prosperous and expensive. The city has a population of about 1.3 million as of 2006 and its metropolitan area is home to around 2.7 million people.
Munchen city's motto was Die Weltstadt mit Herz for a long time and has been recently replaced by Munchen mag dich. The city is located on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps, because of the distance to the sea and the closeness to the northern edge of the Alps, precipitation is rather high. Rain storms often come violently and unexpectedly. The range of temperature between day and night or summer and winter can be extreme.
Munchen, justifiably so, enjoys a very positive reputation with worldwide travelers, and is one of the most visited place. It is also said the place of best geographical environment and can trace its origin back to prehistoric times. Presently, it experiences a sharp social, economic and population growth derivative of the strategic position of the locality and the high level of well-being and quality of life that is enjoyed with respect to other places of Germany.

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