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Germany or the Federal Republic of Germany is located in Central Europe with Berlin as its capital city. The German language was once the lingua franca of central, eastern and northern Europe. It is a member state of the United Nations, NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the G8, Group of 8, and the G4, Group of 4, nations, and is a founding member of the European Union. It is the European Union's most populous and most economically powerful member state. Germany is one of the largest European economies and the third largest economy in the world in real terms.
Schweinfurt is a city in the Unterfranken region of Bavaria, which forms the southernmost State of today's Germany, on the right bank of the canalized Main, which is here spanned by several bridges, 27 km North-East of Würzburg.A famous native of Schweinfurt is Friedrich Rückert, a notable poet and translator. Schweinfurt city had a population of 54,467 living within an area of 35.63 square kilometers and had 1,487 residents per square kilometer, as of 2004.
In the first half of 13th century Schweinfurt was expanded to a real city with city wall, towers and city gates. At that time the Nikolaus hospital was founded, a mint was established and construction work on the Saint Johannis church began. Schweinfurt is known for its metal industry, especially ball-bearing plants and bicycle manufacturing.
Schweinfurt's main landmarks include, the Gothic Town Hall, the church of St. Johannes and the Old Gymnasium seat of the local museum.
Tourism in Germany has expanded since the end of World War II, and many tourists visit Germany to experience a sense of European history. The countryside exhibits a pastoral aura, while its cities exhibit both a modern and classical feel.

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