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Germany is located in Central Europe and it shares borders with Denmark in the North, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in the West, Austria and Switzerland in the South and Poland and the Czech Republic in the East. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea represent additional National Borders in the North. The official language of Germany is German and Berlin is the capital. The climate is quite pleasant with almost all variety of seasonal flavors as temperate, marine, cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers, occasional warm, tropical foehn wind and high relative humidity. Germany is divided into 16 states which are further subdivided into 439 districts and cities.
Coburg is a city on the Itz River in Bavaria in Germany. Its population was recorded at 42,257 inhabitants in 2003. Before 1918, it was the capital of the small duchy of Saxe in Gotha. It lies about 45 kilometers on north of Bamberg and about 100 kilometers north of Nuremberg. It was first mentioned in the eleventh century after many changes of aristocratic ownership. It came under the control of the House of Wettin in 1353, and was regarded by them as a Saxon outpost within Franconia. Germany's largest castles, the mighty Veste was built in 1225 in Coburg that dominates the town from its hillside.
Presently Coburg has many museums, Downtown and the Ehrenburg, built in 1543, which was burnt down with fire in 1690 and rebuilt in Baroque style. It was built with stuccowork by North Italian craftsmen. Its Gothic Revival outer surface was remodelled by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in the 19th century. It presently houses a museum with a famous library. Coburg is well known for two festivals, Samba Festival and Johann Strauss Musiktage and is known as Europe's Capital of Samba. Because of the presence of the US Army prior to German re-unification, Americans and American culture are present in Coburg and the adjoining area.
Today, one can also learn about its history, from its earliest times and can also enjoy its natural beauty concealed by the beautiful landscapes.

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